MPs expenses – who else should we have a go at? Footballers? Doctors and nurses?

Such a weird thing – every MP in the world knows a good part of the job is the chance to stick your nose in the trough and make money, after all, you need to be ambitious and fairly ego-maniacal to even run for a seat in your local constituency, let alone be an MP.

In my new book, Breaking News, I am extremely rude about MPs, and the media in general.

But what I’m interested in – is who is next? Who should the dirt be dug up on? In a way it would be even more obscene to see a footballer earning £2million a year claiming for porn on expenses than a MPs frustrated husband. Or what about company bosses? Years ago, I went to barcelona with a big advertising agency pitching for work with a cinema chain. We ended up with the cinema company taking us to a brothel, getting absolutely wasted, and charging it as an expense. I was far too much of a scredy cat to go all the way with the goods on offer, but ultimately, probably about 100,000 cinema tickets had to be sold to well meaning families off to see Bolt just to pay for that one weekend.


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