New book about to happen

Publishing a book… a tricky area! But when you are passionate about something and just have to do it… you realise you have no choice but to deal with it and try and make it happen, and above all create something that you hope people will enjoy.

The book is a thriller, a bit like the da vinci code or a dan brown book but the subject material is the Royal Family and William Shakespeare. Have look at it here.

So, next week I’ll be going over the final bits n pieces related to the publication of my first book, Shakespeare’s Truth,  which I am paying for myself and with the incredible help of Barbara the marketing genius and Michelle the PR guru. Then on the 11th of November, the book will go live on amazon.

The idea of competing against big publishing houses feels a bit like David and Goliath… and I hope our new little book is our equivalent of a stone in the sling… I believe it is.

Luckily we’ve already had a good review in, from the BBC news legend John Simpson CBE, who has said it’s better than dan brown’s da vinci code, which is just great. I hope such high praise is deserved!

I’ll be using this blog to share thoughts that I hope will help other people thinking about publishing their own book as well as sharing thoughts about life. I did an awful lot of research into the whole area of self publishing, Print on Demand (POD), how to write a book and plot it out, as well as many other areas.  So next time, I’ll start with the area of plotting a book.


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