Shakespeare’s Truth

CLick here for a Free sample of Shakespeare's Truth by Rex Richardsnew

"Da Vinci is surpassed by Shakespearean analysis in this masterfully crafted work" - John Simpson, World Affairs Editor BBC.

Shakespeare’s Truth is my debut novel. It’s a fun and very controversial paperback thriller, a classic page turner full of action and adventure, shocking murder and kidnaps, royal and literary conspiracy, romance, heartbreak and tragedy. If you like writers like Dan Brown and Stephen King and you’d like a book which makes you think… you’ll love Shakespeare’s Truth. Can you handle the truth?


CLick here for a Free sample of Shakespeare's Truth by Rex Richards

“Shakespeare’s Truth is a stylish, accomplished first novel, I couldn’t put it down and blame Rex for my sunburnt shoulder. Don’t try reading it on the train – you might miss your stop!”

Barbara Newman, The Editor

Go nuts and review or buy the ebook!! I dare you, it’s only £3.50

Shakespeare’s Truth involves a secret birth in the English Royal Family hidden for hundreds of years, a shocking Royal death and kidnap in the modern day, a secret society, rivalry between the police and army, a race against time to find a missing treasure, and a love story.

At its heart is a huge literary scandal related to William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s Truth includes ciphers and codes hidden in monuments around the UK, which reveal that Shakespeare is not who we think he was… and that this is linked to the Royal Family in an unexpected way! My dad spent years researching the secrets revealed in this book. But he died from a terrible illness without finishing it. I took the essential truth of his research, added some of my own ideas and
turned it into a fast paced thriller. Some of it was very emotionally demanding to write. But being able to continue his story is really important to me and everyone else in our family.

Some truly shocking things do happen in the book, which extreme as they seem, are not that far away from what could actually happen in modern England.

It would be great if you read it, apart from anything else I reckon you might like it… a good chunk of any profit I make will go to charity, for Alzheimers.


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